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Do you want to start your calling card and pc to phone business?

Do you want to sell pc to phone service in UAE, Oman, Kuwait and all over the Middle East where VoIP is blocked?

then you are at the right place, You dream it, we support it.
Using our hosted solution you can start your calling cards and pc to phone business from anywhere in the world.

You can also do business in the countries where voip is blocked. Yes! our Pc to Phone dialer works in UAE, Oman, Kuwait and all over the Middle East where other VoIP service providers are blocked.

Provide your own private-label calling card or pc to phone service with rate plans customized for your market.

  • Quickly and easily become a profitable calling card and pc to phone service provider.
  • Establish your branded telecom services.
  • Create your reseller and make money from reseller's customers.
  • Set your own call rates and billing increment to charge your customers and resellers.
We are available 24x7 to answer your queries.

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We can provide modifications or customizations in our product to meet your exact needs.

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